• In Person Parent Workshop at 7pm

    Topic " Overcoming Procrastination "
    school main building 

    I.S. 230
  • In Person PTA Meeting at 6:30pm

    school main building

    I.S. 230
  • Climate Action Days - HEALTH, WELLNESS & GREEN SPACE

    I.S. 230
  • Climate Actions Days - WATER

    I.S. 230
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  • Principal's weekly Letter 2/16/2024

    Principal's weekly letter 2/16/2024

    February 16, 2024

    Dear Families,

    I hope all is well.  We had a wonderful Respect for All and Spirit Week at IS230.  Our students engaged in workshops that focused on Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Discrimination, and Preventing Sexual Harassment.  Our Student Government Representatives, Guidance Counselors and Members of the 115th PCT  presented at the workshops.  We ended the week with our Multicultural Day Celebration.   It was wonderful to see all the students and staff represent the different cultures and ethnicities that make IS230 and Jackson Heights such a melting pot.

    I am excited and extremely proud to announce that we currently have 9 students who were awarded scholarships to attend a Summer Law Institute sponsored by one of our partners Legal Outreach. These students will attend one of the following law Schools for 5 weeks beginning July 1, 2024: Fordham, NYU, Columbia, St Johns, Brooklyn College.  After students complete the institute they will have an opportunity to continue in the program in high school then apply for a college of their choice and be awarded a full ride. To learn more about Legal Outreach click on the link on below:

    • Raisha (801) Full $4000 Scholarship
    • Nabila (804) Full $4000Scholarship
    • Elizabeth (804) Full $4000 Scholarship
    • Hillary (805) Full $4000 Scholarship
    • Sofia (805) Full $4000 Scholarship
    • Xavier (806) Full $4000 scholarship
    • Luis (806) $3500.Scholarship
    • Emely (812) $3500 Scholarship
    • Andrew (812) Full $4000 scholarship

    On February 27th our ELA and Math after school enrichment program begins.  The Program runs for 4 weeks starting on February 27th  and ends on April 4th. ELA enrichment classes will meet on Tuesdays from 2:30 PM- 4:30 PM.  Math enrichment classes will meet on Wednesday’s from 2:30-4:30 p.m. The Enrichment Program is designed to help students prepare for either the ELA or Math State Exam. Your child will meet with an ELA or Math teacher once a week after school to practice going over test taking strategies and review state exams from the past years. This is a voluntary program and not mandatory.  In order to participate permissions slips must be returned to your child ELA or Math teacher. Classes are formed on a first come, first serve basis and there is not a guarantee of a class after this date. 

    Our next PTA meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 28th followed by an Elevate Education workshop focusing on overcoming procrastination.  To increase Parent and Student turn out at our PTA meetings, parents who bring their IS230 child to the meeting and stay until the end their child will receive 2 hours of community service.  Community service is a graduation requirement here at IS230. To learn more about our community service requirement click on the link below:

    On March 1st as a College Access for All School we will be participating in a citywide initiative on March 1, 2024.  The goal of the event is to immerse our students in the options available to them after graduating from high school. Dress attire: we would love all students wear college (t-shirts, sweatshirts)  attire or dress up as the Profession they wish to pursue.

    A message from our P.T.A President Suni A. Andriotis.  The P.T.A is looking for Parent volunteers to represent the P.T.A in the classroom. These parent leaders will assist the P.T.A in maintaining communication between their children's classroom and the P.T.A to ensure that all parents are informed of important P.T.A events taking place and that the P.T.A is informed of concerns or suggestions that parents might have. If you are interested in becoming a Parent Volunteer Classroom leader, please reach out to Mr. Salazar with your name, your child’s name and class number.

    A PTA donation letter was sent out to the home with the students. We are currently asking for your help in donating time and/or money. There is no monetary amount and parents are free to donate whatever they are able to do so. You can bring your donations to the main office located in the main building and place them in the PTA donation box or you can make a deposit via our PayPal account. The information for the PayPal account is in the school website.

    IS230 Basketball update our games were cancelled this week due to the snowstorm. We hope to resume games after February break. Only families members of the players are invited to attend the games based on league rules. 

    One of our goals this year is to create more shared experiences for our students at IS230. This month we starting to collect dues for the following field trips and dances:

    • 6th grade trip to Adventureland. The trip will take place on June 12, 2023 and the cost of the trip is $100. The cost includes charter bus, meal and entrance to the park.  Those students who are interested will fill out a permission slip and provide a cash payment of $100. There are 200 spots available.  More information will be shared with 6th grade families.
    • 7th grade trip to Boundless Adventures. The 7thgrade trip is scheduled for June 14th. We only have a certain number of spaces available. They will be filled on a first come first serve bases. It's $110.00 per child. (cash only) nonrefundable.
    • 8th grade Senior Due deadline was January 5th. The Senior due is now $130.
    • 8th grade Senior Trip to Lake Compounce. Collection starts 2/2/24 is $115 only 260 spots available on a first come first serve basis.

    Restorative Practice February Monthly Focus Corner




    Habit of Mind





    Remaining Open to Continuous Learning and Finding Humor

    Community Activism: 

    Black History/Anti-Bias Awareness Celebration





    Relationship Skills

    Thinking Interdependently and Finding Humor


    Community Activism: 

    Black History/Anti-Bias Awareness Celebration





    Social Awareness

    Gathering Data through all senses and Finding Humor

    Community Activism: 

    Black History/Anti-Bias Awareness Celebration




    To learn more about Habits of Mind, CASEL and CR-SE please click on the links below:

    Important Upcoming Dates

    February 19-23, 2024: School is Closed for February Break

    February 26, 2024: Resumes

    February 27, 2024: P.T.A Bake Sale

    February 28, 2024: P.T.A Meeting

    March 1, 2024: S.L.T Meeting at 7 a.m; Spirit Friday College Access for All

    We look forward to continuing to improve communication and relationships here at IS230.

    Please visit our website and Social Media accounts to get more information and sign up for E-Chalk Notification.


    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Mr. Ajith Satyanarayana

    I.S. 230
  • In Person PTA Meeting

    Wednesday,  February 28th, 2024
    at 6:30pm
    school main building


    Parent Workshop
    Topic " Overcoming Procrastination"

    PTA meeting flier and Parent Workshop


    I.S. 230
  • February Calendar 2024

    February Calendar 2024

    Important Dates for School Year 2023-2024

    I.S. 230
  • NYC Kids Rise - for 6th graders ONLY

    Free NYC Scholarship Accounts with money for college and career training!

    Every kindergarten, first grade, and second grade student enrolled in NYC public schools,
    including participating charter schools, can participate in the NYC Kids RISE Save for College
    Program!* Family income and immigration status do not affect eligibility. Eligible students are
    automatically enrolled unless their parents or guardians choose not to participate.

    Students receive a free NYC Scholarship Account with an initial $100. There are opportunities
    to get more money for your child’s account over time.** Organizations, businesses, and neighbors
    can contribute money to groups of students’ NYC Scholarship Accounts through Community

    Money in this account can be used to pay for a variety of college and career training expenses
    such as tuition, fees, and textbooks. For your child’s NYC Scholarship Account:

    • You do not need to deposit money
    • You do not need to provide a Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer
    Identification Number (ITIN), bank account, or credit card information

    Learn more:

    • Talk to your child’s school
    • Call the NYC Kids RISE hotline at 833-543-7473 for information in your language
    • Email
    • Visit

    *Every kindergarten through fifth-grade student in the 39 pilot schools in geographic District 30 can participate.
    **Parents and guardians of kindergartners, and other eligible students who are new to the Save for College Program
    this school year, will be able to activate and view their child’s NYC Scholarship Account starting in January


    I.S. 230
  • STEM Spring Break Program April 22nd to April 26th

    STEM Spring Break Program flier -English

    STEM Campamentos de Primavera 

    স্প্রিং�ং ব্রে�ক ক্যাা�ম্পগুলো�ো কিন্ডাারগাার্টে�ে

    থে�কে অষ্টম (8) গ্রে�ডে�র শি�ক্ষাার্থীীদে�র জন্যয



    I.S. 230
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  • Elevate Education In Person Parent Workshops

    I.S. 230Q eagerly anticipates the 1st of 6 Parent Workshops in partnership with Elevate Education In Person PARENT workshops.
    Now more than ever our children need strong academic and social-emotional skills.
    To help you reinforce effective habits at home.
    We are scheduled to host the third In Person Workshop on January 17th  
    all workshops will be at 7pm in the school main building.
    January 17th           Stress Management
    February 28th         Overcoming Procrastination
    March 20th               Independent Learning Skills
    April 17th                  Time Management 

    In Person Parent Workshops flier

    I.S. 230
  • IS230Q Instructional Goals 2023-2024

    Is230Q Instructional Goals 2023-24

                 2023-2024 Instructional Goals

    • Engage all teachers and students in L.C.I trainings by the inter-weaving of CRS-E and Habits of Mind principles in order to create a seamless experience
      that focuses on Students in the Center.
    • Embed 21st Century literacy skills in all content areas in order to address core competencies such as
      academic vocabulary, collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving to help students thrive in today's world.

    • Integrate the SEL Coordinator, Social Worker roles and DESSA data to increase focus, mindfulness, and emotional wellness for the entire school community.
    I.S. 230
  • School Uniform Online Order


    The school’s webstore address is . 

    The store is now open for new orders.

    Below are your ordering windows: 

    Window # Ordering Window Open/Close Date Approx. Delivery Date
    Ordering Window #1: Today -8/6 early September
    Ordering Window #2: 8/7-8/27 9/24
    Ordering Window #3: 8/28-9/24 10/22

    Once this ordering window closes at midnight, August 6th, the company will begin to source, decorate, pack and ship all the orders received in this window. 

    All products will be shipped directly to the shipping address you provide.  

    Please use an address where someone is available to accept your package; be sure to include your apartment number if applicable. 

    Please make sure you order the correct size, if you need to see a sample contact Mr. Salazar your Parent Coordinator at 

    Orders will begin shipping approx. September 5th.

    Must Order In First Window For Delivery By First Day Of School

    All orders are shipping to homes. Return and Reorders are handled by Smooth directly.

    School Uniform Flier

    I.S. 230
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